Our Anne Frank Ambassadors have been involved in a special event taking place this month (June) in St Mungo’s museum to commemorate what would have been Anne Franks 90th Birthday. The Anne Frank Trust have installed a fantastic exhibition in the museum, including a like-for-like replica of Anne’s bedroom in the Attic. Four of our past Anne Frank Ambassadors have received further training in order to take special tours around this new exhibition. They also got to meet Eva Schloss who was Anne Frank’s posthumous step-sister. Eva survived Auschwitz with her mother after years of hiding in and around Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation – she and her family were neighbours of the Franks in the years leading up to the Nazi takeover.

The pupils will be returning to the exhibition on Wednesday 19th June in order to lead two tours for primary school groups who are visiting the museum. Well done to Nadia, Emma, Ellie, and John.