The LinguaHub is a dedicated EAL (English as an Additional Language) school resource with the aims of raising attainment, supporting social integration, and promoting global citizenship.

Eastbank Academy has seen an increasing number of young people joining the school from different parts of the world. These young people are capable and determined to succeed but often require support in developing proficiency in English in order to allow them to fully access the curriculum and achieve their potential. Within the framework of EAL teaching, the LinguaHub aims to support pupils to improve their English so that it no longer represents a barrier to learning.

The LinguaHub is not only working with pupils, we are also reaching out to the parents/guardians of these young people within our community. Offering a weekly ‘drop in’, the LinguaHub will provide a welcoming environment for family members of our EAL pupils to meet together and to have access to support with improving their English language skills for those that would find that helpful.

Finally, the LinguaHub will offer both interval and lunch-time activities for pupils, supporting language development in a relaxed and friendly setting.

LinguaHub Launch Event

The LinguHub was opened on 1st March 2019 by Councilor Frank McAveety. See below for photos and video from the event.