Physical Education Department

All pupils in S1 and S2 benefit from two periods a week of PE.
In S3 and beyond, pupils can achieve SQA awards in Physical Education, Dance, Sport and Recreation, and Sports Leader. Pupils also continue to enjoy their entitlement to opportunities for sport and physical education throughout their time at Eastbank.
There are also numerous opportunities for pupils to try out new sports and to build their skills in sports they already enjoy by attending the many clubs and extra-curricular activities offered by PE Department staff. These include dance, football, rowing, and gymnastics. Visit the clubs page for more information.

It is vital for the future health of our young people that they take the opportunities offered at school to develop their enjoyment of taking part in sport and physical activity. We aim to support young people to develop into physically active adults who enjoy the social, physical, and mental health benefits of regular physical activity. Parents can help support young people by ensuring that they come to school ready to take part in PE lessons with the appropriate clothing and a refillable water bottle that can be refilled from the water fountains in the concourse.

Pupils are expected to bring appropriate PE kit with them to school every day that they are timetabled for PE.

Pupils frequently get opportunities to take part in training and competitions outside of school. These activities not only help pupils to develop proficiency in their chosen sport, but also support pupils to develop a range of skills such as resilience, leadership, and teamwork.

Photos of recent activities coming soon.